Our Cutting Garden is ready to receive guests again! Please note the the best time to cut flowers for a fresh, long lasting bouquet is first thing in the morning. See you soon! Houseplant enthusiasts - new plant shipment alert!


Weigela 'Crimson Kisses', 2 gal Sold Out
Rose of Sharon 'Sugar Tip Gold', 2 gal Sold Out
Spirea 'Firelight', 2 gal $18.99
Smokebush 'Winecraft Black', 2 gal Sold Out
Hardy Hydrangea 'Bobo', 2 gal Sold Out
False Cypress 'Gold Mop', 2 gal $37.99
Spirea 'Double Play Red', 2 gal $30.99
Spirea 'Anthony Waterer', 2 gal $23.99