The FLOWER FIELDS at SUN HARVEST are now OPEN! Please visit our "Flower Fields" page as you plan your visit! Can't wait to see you!

Hanging Baskets

Enjoy browsing from our in-house designed, home grown, hanging baskets. these are not just hanging baskets - they are hanging gardens and we take great pride in teaching you how to care for these beauties and enjoy them all summer long! 

When you purchase a basket, our customers have come to rely on a regular and gentle fertilizing/plant feeding program. We recommend the Evolve Liquid All purpose Organic Plant Fertilizer. Simply add one squeeze per litre of water in a watering can, every second time you water. If you use a gallon watering can, squeeze 4 times in the full can of water. This gentle type of feeding ensures that the plant uses every bit of nutrition as it continues to branch and produce new buds, which leads to new blooms. Be sure to add the Evolve Liquid All Purpose Fertilizer to your cart and you will be so pleased with the results - no deadheading ever!