Fall is a beautiful season and this year, I can say that people have welcomed it as a break from the incessant and intense heat of our 2016 summer.  Interestingly, this September, our gardens which were so stressed from weeks of drought, have come back to pleasure us with  colour.  Lawns have become lush again and perennials and annuals both, in the landscape have blossomed to delight us with their season – extending beauty.  Fall containers, you would think are short shrift and not worth the  time , but we appreciate and enjoy those who relish a seasonal planting that is unique in that it you can mix many different formats- that is cold tolerant annuals with perennials, harvest veggies such as gourds and pumpkins and dried accents.    Fall is more than mums and we get to broaden our client’s appreciation for fall containers at workshops which we host in September.  We suggest that you follow us on our SunHarvest facebook page to keep abreast of our workshops and join in the fun .

We also have clients who  prefer that we accent their home with an autumnal planter and for this privilege, we are truly grateful.  Happy Fall and a blessed Thanksgiving to our wonderful Customers!