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Home of Kingston’s Favourite Tomatoes

Available from April to November, our tomatoes have been our hallmark since we opened in 2002. We grow 4 varieties of tomatoes in our hydroponic greenhouse, as well as English seedless cucumbers and lettuces, all pesticide-free and picked fresh.

Tomatoes growing at Sun Harvest

What is Hydroponic Growing?

Many people ask if our tomatoes are organic. Growing hydroponically means growing plants in water and not in soil, and as such, our tomatoes are not grown in the traditional organic way. Soil provides inherent fertility or nutrients for plants and without soil, you need to add nutrients to the water in order to sustain excellent plant health and production. All nutrients are added in carefully measured quantities depending on the stage of growth of the tomatoes and are recycled continuously so that there is no waste of nutrients and water. Hydroponic means growing in the absence of soil, so we grow our greenhouse veggies in water to which we add carefully measured amounts of nutrients for the developing crop. All of the water for the crop is recycled and none is wasted which makes for excellent water conservation!

We Love BEES! Our Produce is Grown without Pesticides

No pesticides are used here, we use biobest practices

We do not use pesticides to control pests in our vegetable greenhouses but instead use crop-scouting techniques to monitor pest populations in the greenhouses and introduce beneficial insects (good bugs) in sufficient numbers to reduce the numbers of harmful insects (bad bugs).

bumble-beeWe follow an integrated pest management program to monitor and control any bad bugs that could harm the plants, or affect the quality of the harvest and introduce beneficial insects that will control any bad bugs that may appear – how cool!

We introduce bumblebees into the greenhouse to pollinate the tomatoes and are grateful for the hard work that they do. No we do not get honey from them, the tomatoes are reward enough!

Sun Harvest also Grows More Great Food in Season!

Visit Sun Harvest all summer for fresh, home grown veggies picked daily. Our pick your own raspberry patch is a perfect stop for families in July, while August is humming with customers who can’t get enough of Sun Harvest’s fantastic sweet corn.

Growing Sustainably For More Than a Decade

At Sun Harvest we compost our organic waste from the greenhouse on the farm, recycle, rotate our crops and manage our farm so that it will remain productive for years to come. That means that we grow today so that we can continue to grow for tomorrow.

What’s in Season at Sun Harvest:


Available April to November

  • Beefsteak tomatoes
  • Tomatoes on the vine (Cluster Tomatoes)
  • Grape “Sweetelle” tomato
  • The Flavourino plum cocktail tomatoes

English Seedless cucumbers

Available April to November

Butterhead / Leaf Lettuce

Available April to October


Available May


Available August


Pick your own or pre-picked
Available July

Red/White Potatoes

Available July to October

Green/Yellow Beans

Available July to September

Sweet Corn

Available August to September

Some Examples of Our Fresh Produce