June is a special month in the garden.  First of all the trees are full , lush , their canopies resplendent with their shading glory. I always marvel at how not even a month ago, our cold temperatures kept them opening up to their full display, and now look at them .  Our perennial plantings are entertaining us with early bursts of colour, surely you are enjoying the  sparkling blue of the  salvias and mixed in with the plump  blossoms of sometimes fragrant peonies.  It beckons one to cut them and bring them indoors.  Delphiniums , lupines and shasta daisies are soon to dot the landscape with their familiar announcement that school will be out soon and other activities will be top of mind for the hard working gardener.  But for now it is so lovely to admire the freshly planted annuals that are working hard to take root , albeit with a lot of supplemental watering this year.  I admire  a well cared for hanging basket  on a June porch that has been attended to with regular feedings to keep the basket fat and full with colour.  The vegetable garden is even special this time of year.. tiny rows of lovingly planted  veggies  are sprouting and even the weeds are still so small , our time with them is soon to come, but for now the heavy work is minimal.   Yes , June gardens are special and I invite you to visit some very special gardens during the Kingston Horticultural Society Open Gardens Tour Sunday June 26th 12 noon to 430 pm.  To obtain the map of this self guided tour, please visit www.ikweb.com/khs