Moms are like the dirt as they give us a place to anchor.. rich soil full of inherent wisdom from years of experience.. Moms are also like the rain, the life-giving periodic bursts we need to blossom or reach our potential..  Sometimes we get a bit dry, and look to the heavens  ( our Moms) who so unselfishly  open up with their understanding and compassion and rain down on us to moisten our sometimes withering spirits.    My profession is a greenhouse grower and yet the most important growers around,  are our Mothers.

We just finished up a great weekend of Fairy garden workshops with our little green thumb gardeners and it makes me so happy to see the Moms ( and grandmas and Dads) sharing in  the  love of growing with their children.  Yes we talk  about fairies , fairy dust, mini bridges and tea cups, but throughout all of this there is an honest connection about growing something and nurturing a plant in its journey of growth.  Moms really are the hardest working growers.  They support our roots, feed our stems, shoots and leaves, and yes, even have to prune out some of the non -desirable in each of us , all with the goal of producing a beautiful person that will feed, colour and better our world.   Yes it is hard work, and perhaps too often , this growers efforts go unnoticed.  Well , spring is here and there is no better way to kick it off  than with a salute to the worlds best growers – Our Moms.  Happy Mothers Day, we look forward to seeing you in the greenhouse soon!