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Alocasia Corazon - 6 inch


Alocasia Corazon Aquino (often classified as Alocasia heterophylla Corazon Aquino, though that appears to be under some debate by botanists) is a hard-to-find plant native to the Philippines that's become quite trendy with plant parents in North America and around the world. 

The plant features arrow-shaped green leaves with a silvery-blue overlay. This gives it a distinct look from other popular Alocasia varieties commonly available, including Poly and Silver Dragon. Like many Alocasia varieties, Corazon Aquino is a lovely specimen to display on large desks or tabletops. As it matures, the leaves can grow to 12 inches or more long. 

Alocasia Corazon Aquino is evergreen and does not go dormant in winter like some Alocasia varieties. 

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