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Ambrosia Apple 120 cm 3gal

The Ambrosia is a delight for all senses; this BC developed variety is a  juicy apple with its red blush. The flavour is pleasant and sweet, the texture is crisp, but has a softer crunch than might be found in a Golden Delicious. This apple is great for those who prefer sweet over sour.

The Ambrosia is a low-acidic apple, making it easy for kids and grandparents to digest. This medium sized apple can be identified by its red flush over its yellow background.

Considered a mid season apple, it is an excellent fresh eating apple and does not oxidize or turn brown quickly. It also holds up well when baking.

POLLINATION PARTNERS: To ensure good cross pollination, you need to plant Ambrosia with another apple variety such as:

Cortland , Honeycrisp

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