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Alocasia 'Silver Dragon' 4 inch pot

Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' is a rare Aroid, which likely sits at the top of the plant collector's 'wish list'. 

The Alocasia Baginda, also known as the ‘Alocasia Silver Dragon ’ is an exotic RARE  plant. With its silvery green ,heart shaped leaves wiht dark green ribbed veination make it a mesmerizing addition to the plant collectors cache.  It is beautiful and easy to care for, and one of the most compact alocasias ofits genus, only attaining about 0.5 metres in height at maturity. 

The Alocasia Baginda plant has an average plant’s needs but remember it’s a sensitive plant. It requires frequent watering; however, overwatering is discouraged. It grows well in bright dappled sunlight. And needs moderate humidity of 60 to 80% to survive. It likes to be fed with a balanced fertilizer throughout the growing season. 

Alocasia are not pet friendly, so be mindful where to place this plant if you have fur babies.