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Fungus Gnat prevention - Stratiolaelaps scimitus 12,500

Are you finding little flies hovering around our houseplants?  Chances are you have fungus gnats.  Fungus gnats are problematic as their larvae feed on  young, tender roots and in the stem at the base of the plant. This feeding injury provides an entry for disease pathogens, which could affect the health and growth of your plant baby.

A female fungus gnat may lay up to 300 whitish eggs in clusters of 20 or more. The eggs are deposited on the surface or in the crevices of moist soil or potting media. Eggs hatch in about six days. Larvae feed for 12 to 14 days before changing into pupae. The papal stage may last five to six days. Adults live up to ten days.

So by understanding the life cycle can help to prevent /control this pest from potentially harming your houseplants.  The best way to control fungus gnats is prevention and the Stratiolaelaps  scimitus are tiny (1 mm.), tan mites that live on the top layers of soil and soil-less mixes. They fed  on fungus gnats, root mealybugs, sciarid flies, springtails, thrip larva and other soil dwelling insects. 

This beneficial insect comes shipped in a 1/2 litre bottle as 12,500 adults and immature adults in a peat / bran mixture.  This amount will provide enough Stratiolaelaps to cover 1000 square feet. Simply  spoon  1/4 tsp on the soil at the top of your houseplant pots.  As the Stratiolaelaps are long lived in the soil and can live without food for weeks, it is easy to get them established and one application should be sufficient. 

You must place your order by Wednesdays at 3pm  for pick up at the Greenhouse the following Wednesday.  Please know that beneficial insects are perishable and should be introduced as quickly as possible to ensure the best efficacy. They do not store well.