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Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri 'Donkey Ear' 8 inch pot

'Donkey Ear kalanchoe is native to Madagascar and is called so for its leaves bearing strong resemblance to a donkey's ears.  It is also known as giant kalanchoe. At maturity, they form large lance-shaped leaves, from 1’ to 1.6’ feet long.

These bronze-green leaves boast epicuticular wax – a waxy white covering – which makes the plant appear gray-green with maroon-brown blotches.

These ovate-lanceolate leaves also form small plantlets on the side of the leaf margins quite easily and are therefore a joy to propagate. 

Place this plant in bright indirect light and as it is a member of the Crassulacea family, it is a succulent and should be watered as such, moderate watering, despite it being a fast growing plant.