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Monstera deliciosa


Monstera deliciosa is an easy going, unique houseplant that will make its way into your collection because of the leaves that are full of holes, or more appropriately named 'fenestrations'. Somtimes nicknamed Swiss cheese plant, it really should not be confused with the Monstera adansonii 'Swiss cheese vine'.  The large rounded leaves of M. deliciosa are so satisfying to watch emerge so for best results, keep consistently moist but not wet and in a bright indirect light location.  If not enough light is received, the amount of holes / fenestrations will be less.  Also as the plant matures the number of holes is increasingly evident.  For example , a young 4 inch size plant may have no leaf holes, but as it grows it will start to reveal those lovely fenestrations. 

Please note that it is quite tolerant of missed waterings so do not be intimidated.  It likes to trail / climb / ramble because in its native habitat of S America, it can be found clingning to tree trunks. You might consider getting this plant trained on a moss pole to encourage as much growth as possible.