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Prickly Pear Cactus, 4-inch

This cactus, known as Opuntia, is native to North and South America and can be successfully overwintered even here in Canada with a bit of special attention.  Plant your Opuntia in full sun, well drained site, and its location would benefit from the addition of coarse sand, but avoid planting in pure sand - there will be insufficient nutrition for it.  Of course they do not wish to be overwatered, so let Mother Nature generally take care of the watering unless you experience an extended period of drought. It's floppy arms will indicate that a good watering is due. They do not need much feeding although an application of compost will be beneficial every couple of years. Do not water in the fall as it approaches winter as the water could freeze on the plant and hence kill it.  Burlap covering will help it get through our sometimes icy winters too.