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Seed Garlic 2 lb

Grow your own garlic  and enjoy fresh garlic next year!

Sun Harvest garlic is the variety 'Music' which is an Ontario developed hardneck garlic cultivar.   Large, plump bulbs are packaged in 2 lb bags ,ready for you to crack and  and plant individual cloves into your prepared seed bed.

Here's our  tips on how to grow garlic because it is not a hard crop to grow and extremely satisfying to harvest.  And it will be the first plant to sprout in early spring , such excitement  as you watch those first green spikes push through the late early spring ground!

First of all select a garden plot located in full sun (receiving at least 6 hours of sunlight per day) of well draining soil. Garlic, being a bulb crop requires good drainage, so please  avoid areas where water may sit / pool at any point in time. 

You need to 'crack' each bulb, which means you separate  /pull apart each clove  away from the central  stalk  within the bulb as each clove is the seed which you will plant in the soil. Don't skin the cloves,  plant as they are,  in their papery shell. 

Seed garlic should be planted into a well prepared seed bed rich in organic matter, when the soil temps are around 10 deg Celsius.  We often plant our garlic Thanksgiving weekend, but certainly before the end of October;

Plant each garlic seed /clove with the pointy end up about 2.5 inches  6.5 cm) deep in the soil.  Space your garlic 4 to 6 inches  (10 to 15 cm) apart,  Our experience has shown that if the soil is heavy, you should plant a little shallower. 

Mulch your garlic to keep the weeds down, and it also serves to conserve moisture if the upcoming growing season proves dry at all. 

Happy planting!