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Time to 'up pot' your houseplants! Assorted pot sizes 6 inch to 12 inch

Is your plant baby looking tired, is it drying out too fast, has it been a year  or two sitting in the same size pot?  Perhaps it is time to up-pot into the next pot size!  Remember to choose a pot a maximum of 2 inches larger in diameter than the pot that you are removing your houseplant from, as houseplants like to have their roots snug and not be given too much space relative to their size. So for example, if your plant baby is in a 4 inch pot, up-pot into a 6 inch pot. A 6 inch potted plant will appreciate being uppotted into either a 17 cm (6.7 inch deep) pot or an 8 inch depending on the growth rate of the plant, and an 8 inch potted plant into a 10 inch pot , 10inch potted plant in to a 12inch pot. Up -potting gives you the opportunity to really have a good look at the roots , give them a nice massage and freshen up the potting soil. It's like a spa day for your plants!