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Our Selection of Fresh Garden Vegetables

Veggie gardening continues to grow in popularity as many are looking to grow their own food . Here at Sun Harvest, we grow food for a living and enjoy the chance to share our expertise with you so that you may enjoy an abundant harvest. You do not have to grow a large plot … veggies and herbs mixed in a flower border make for a fun and tasty potager!! We can also recommend several varieties of veggies that are well suited for growing in containers. Here is a listing of the vegetable transplants that will be available at Sun Harvest this season.

Kingston’s Favourite Tomatoes

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Bush type:


Staking varieties:

Early Girl
Better Boy

Low Acid varieties:

Lemon Boy

Paste varieties:

San Marzano – the BEST paste / tasting Italian type tomato, from the San Marzano region that produces the best tomatoes in Italy!

Heirloom / Heritage varieties:


Brandywine – Arguably one of the best tasting tomatoes still. Pink flesh beefsteak type, indeterminate and requires staking.
Green Zebra – Delicious amber green tomatoes when ripe, one of the best tasting heirloom green varieties
Cherokee Purple – A beloved heirloom as valuable for its flavor as it is for its unusual look, Cherokee Purple sets giant beefsteaks weighing about a pound and filled with intense violet-purple hues. Combine juiciness with a strong tomato tang.
Striped German – Huge 2 lb (907g) red and yellow bicolour beefsteak fruit have unique ribbed shoulders and flat globe shape. Complex fruity flavor. Interiors are marbled in gold, red and rose. Looks beautiful when sliced!

Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet 100 – traditional favourite
Sweet Million – smaller than Sweet 100, and so very high in sugar levels
Sungold Orange Cherry – arguably the best tasting cherry tomato
Tomato Tumbler in Hanging Baskets – cascading variety that is great in hanging baskets and containers, very sweet and productive
Sunrise (artisanal variety) – Yellow, round cherry tomato with red stripes and pink interior marbling.
Lucky Tiger (artisanal variety) – Elongated green striped cherry tomato with a striking red blush.
Black Cherry – You will adore this exotic-looking, blackish-purple skinned cherry tomato with dark red flesh and a complex, exceptionally sweet and juicy flavour. ‘Black Cherry’ tomatoes produce an abundance of early ripening fruit on vigorous plants throughout the summer.

Grape Tomatoes

Five Star Grape – Excellent, sweet flavour and firm, meaty texture with few seeds and little juice. Healthy plants bear high yields of bright red, 15-20 gm, crack resistant grape tomatoes.


Bell types

California Wonder (green)
Red Baron (Red)
Golden Calwonder(Yellow)

Non Bell types

Carmen (Italian or shepherd type) – full flavour, excellent for roasting
Flavorburst (golden non bell) – excellent taste, new variety
Mini peppers – red, orange, gold

Assorted Vegetables

  • Greens mix
  • Kale
  • Onions
  • Swiss Chard
  • Eggplant (Nadia oval, mini white, mini purple, mini bicolour)
  • Zucchini, Summer Squash (green / yellow)
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Early Green Cabbage
  • Red Cabbage
  • Winter Squash (acorn, buttercup, butternut)
  • Muskmelon / Cantaloupe
  • Honeydew
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumbers – Slicing (Fanfare, Sweet Slice, Marketmore) / English Telegraph Pickling (Jackson Classic)

Hot peppers

Cherry Pepper
Variety of heart shaped chili pepper, one of the mildest chili peppers for heat, great served fresh or stuffed

Hungarian Hot Wax
This pepper is usually harvested before maturity when still yellow. It measures between 4″-6″ inches in length (102mm-152mm) which tapers to a rounded point. Upon maturity, the pepper becomes orange then red in color

Cayenne Pepper
Large tapered 3 inch peppers

Small 2 to 4 inch chili pepper that packs great heat, use in salsas.

Hot Poblano
The conical-shaped fruits are thick walled, avg. 3 1/2 x 2″, and change from a pale yellow to orange to red. Usually harvested pale yellow but also can be used orange or red. Commonly stuffed like poblanos to make a more spiced-up version of chile rellanos.

Hot Basket of Fire
Basket of Fire is an attractive, and compact chili pepper that is well suited to hanging baskets and containers. It produces a heavy crop of 2-3inch creamy coloured peppers that matures through yellow and orange to bright red all over the plant.  Lots of heat, yet not quite as hot as a habanero.

Orange Habanero 
Orange Habanero is among the hottest chilli pepper commonly grown in the world. The fruits are lantern shaped, small and wrinkled and around 3 to 4cm (1 to 1½in) long. They ripen from green to light orange. Closely related to the Scotch Bonnet, they are fiery hot and extremely pungent with an aromatic flavour and a clean but very intense heat.

GHOST / Bhut Jolokia
Also known as the Ghost Pepper was certified to be the hottest chili pepper on earth by the Guinness Book of World Records. It originated in India and was only recently introduced in the Western World. Limited quantities – try it if you dare!!