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Long Lasting Winter Arrangements

With Hallowe’en now past and Remembrance Day advancing, we look to prepare our homes for the 5 month season  that actually requires much forethought.  The harvest is winding down with little more than kale ,bok choy to pick in our gardens. Beets , turnip, carrots are all pulled and if not already enjoyed, then carefully stored for future family suppers.  The garlic crop has been mulched, wood piled neatly in the garage and leaves either raked or allowed to languish and add an extra layer of nutrients by the time the mower sees it next spring.  Oh yes the winter season can seem like there will be not much to look at and enjoy when the cold temps settle in, but no , we have a wonderful opportunity to decorate our homes with long lasting natural arrangements using all kinds of natural and “fitting” re-usable accents.

Our team loves to create winter arrangements using the best of our native greens: red pine, white pine and white cedar are all long lasting evergreens that when watered periodically until freeze up can be enjoyed for the whole winter, or until we crave a change.  Pinecones of all shapes , sizes, colours,  branches, twigs, and  berries are  the jewelry that accent  a well styled  arrangement.  You will even see us use fresh fruit, Christmas ornaments and of course beautiful ribbon to create a look that is not only festive but practical and unique.  Having attended one of our workshops gives one an idea as to how much fun it is to create and celebrate a time of year when Mother Nature still has so much beauty to share.  Wreaths that are each unique and handcrafted, artisanal beauties if you will, are worth the view and many look to “treating ” themselves with one of these creations if that is the only natural decoration that they indulge in for the festive season.  Remember a well embellished natural wreath needn’t scream Christmas after Dec 25th.

Winter arrangements when you think about it, really are the hardest working / longest lasting of our calendar year.. so come and be inspired by what Mother Nature has to offer, and choose a well crafted beauty or join us this season in one of our workshops and let us show you how to create your long lasting winter arrangement.