Our Cutting Garden is ready to receive guests again! Please note the the best time to cut flowers for a fresh, long lasting bouquet is first thing in the morning. See you soon! Houseplant enthusiasts - new plant shipment alert!


Seed Starting Tray, 32-count Sold Out
2 Gallon Watering Can Sold Out
Coco Fibre Hanging Basket Liner Sold Out
Organic Bone Meal, 2-14-0 $11.99
Small Watering Can Sold Out
Insecticidal Soap Spray $9.99
"Rootmax" Gel Root Enhancer Sold Out
Coco Fibre Retangular Liner, 30-Inch Sold Out
All purpose Sand Sable $5.99
Coco Fibre Liner Roll $19.99
Mossmat Liner Roll $39.99