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Alocasia 'Polly', 6-inch $24.99
Hoya 'Tricolour', 6-inch Sold Out
Hoya 'Australis', 6-inch $39.99
Prickly Pear Cactus, 4-inch $12.99
Hoya Heart, 2-inch $14.99
Hoya 'Australis', 4-inch Sold Out
Epipremum 'Golden Pothos', 6-inch Sold Out
Sanseveria 'Black Coral', 6-inch $29.99
Aloe Vera, 4-inch $7.99
Peperomia 'Rosso', 6-inch Sold Out
Lipstick 'Mona Lisa', 6-inch $19.99
Calathea 'Misto', 6-inch $24.99
Calathea 'Ornata', 6-inch $24.99
Philodendron Birkin', 6-inch $39.99
Aglaonema 'Chocolate', 6-inch $37.99
Philodendron Monstera, 10-inch $49.99
Heliconia, 10-inch $49.99
Ficus Pandurata Lyrata (Tree), 12-inch Sold Out
Cordyline 'Florica', 10-inch $39.99
Calathea 'Rosapicta', 6-inch $24.99
Sansevieria 'Sayuri', 10-inch $59.99
Schefflera 'Alpine', 6-inch $24.99
Pothos 'Silver Satin', 6-inch $39.99
Philodendron 'Monstera', 6-inch $29.99
Monstera 'Ginny', 6-inch $39.99
Aglaonema 'Stripes', 6-inch $37.99
Aglaonema 'Pink Moon', 6-inch $37.99
Aglaonema 'Firecracker', 6-inch $37.99