It's Porch Package Season! Get all your fall outdoor decor here. Our U-Cut flower garden is now closed for the season. Fall hours are Tuesday-Saturday: 9am-5pm, Sunday: 9am-4pm, CLOSED Mondays.


Calathea 'Medallion', 6-inch $24.99
Calathea 'Ornata', 6-inch $24.99
Birdnest Fern, 6-inch $19.99
Spider Plant 'Varie', 6-inch $12.99
Peace Lily, 6-inch $16.99
Hoya kentiana, 4-inch $19.99
Hoya carnosa 'Variegata', 4-inch $19.99
Heart-Leaf Fern, 6-inch $24.99
Calathea 'Dottie', 6-inch $39.99
Peperomia 'Marble', 4-inch $16.99
Rhapis Excelsa, 10-inch Sold Out
Beaucarnia Ponytail Palm, 6-inch $29.99
Sansevieria Boncel, 6-inch $29.99
Dracaena 'Song of India', 6-inch $27.99
Alocasia Ebony, 6-inch $29.99
Sansevieria Laurentii, 6-inch $19.99
Plant Parent Adoption Kit (Take 3!) Sold Out
Codiaeum Croton Petra, 6-inch $19.99
Calathea Makoyana, 6-inch Sold Out
Calathea Lancifolia, 6-inch Sold Out
Croton Petra, 10-inch $39.99
Sansevieria Zeylanica, 8-inch $49.99
Sansevieria Laurentii, 8-inch $49.99
Ficus Lyrata Bush, 8-inch $49.99
Aglaonema Indo Princess, 8-inch $59.99
Zamio Zamioculas ZZ Plant, 6-inch $36.99
Spathiphyllum Domino Peace Lily, 6-inch Sold Out
Ficus Ruby, 6-inch $36.99
Ficus Breeze, 6-inch $19.99
Alligator Fern, 6-inch $34.99
Aglaonema Etta Rose, 6-inch $36.99
Aphelandra Zebra, 4.5-inch $19.99
Sansevieria Starpower, 4-inch $19.99
Sansevieria Laurentii, 4-inch $19.99
Peperomia Napoli Night, 4-inch $9.99