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About the Cutting Garden

In 2019, we turned our raspberry patch into a cut-your-own flower garden. We have been growing and maintaining the flower fields in preparation for all our wonderful customers to come and enjoy the summer blooms, and that time has now come!

Visiting the cutting garden is a joyful experience to share with friends and family. Our goal is to brighten your day and allow you to go home with a beautiful bouquet.

How it Works

1. Come to the front counter in the greenhouse to get a bucket and a pair of clippers

2. Go out to the cutting garden and fill your bucket with flowers ($15 tax incl. per bucket)

3. Come back to the greenhouse to pay

4. Take your flowers home, place in a vase, and enjoy!

We would love to see your photos! Take a photo in the cutting garden or of your bouquet/arrangement, post on Facebook or Instagram, and tag us @sunharvest_greenhouses


- Hours for cutting are Saturday & Sunday from 9am, with the last guests to the garden being received half an hour before closing.

- Please keep in mind, the best time of day to cut flowers is in the morning. Flowers picked in hot, sunny weather or after rain will not last as long in your home.

What to Bring:

- If possible, bring your own clippers, shears or scissors.

- Be sure to bring a bucket, vase or jar to transport your flowers home.

- It can be very hot and sunny in the cutting garden so remember to bring water and sunscreen.

Other Information:

- We are currently limiting customers to one bucket per visit to prolong enjoyment of the cutting garden.

- Some sections of the cutting garden are temporarily roped off to allow the plants to regrow.

Things to know regarding Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, we are limiting the number of visitors in the garden at any time. While in the garden, please practice physical distancing and stay with your group. Although a mask is not nesessary while outside in the garden, you must wear a mask inside the greenhouse. We appreciate you respecting these rules so that we can safely enjoy the garden together.

Please note that all buckets and clippers are sanitized after each use.