Extended HOURS! We are now weekdays till 6 pm! Saturdays and Sunday 9-5.

'The Flower Fields ' at Sun Harvest

The Flower Fields are now closed for the season. We are heartened to have hosted so many of you who visited our U cut garden this past summer. We hope that our flowers inspired you to pause, and celebrate the simple things in life- like flowers nodding in the wind, a bee dancing on a petal and cutting a bouquet of blooms.

You can be sure that we are busy making plans to welcome you back to this special space next to our Garden Centre in 2023.

FAQs - The Flower Fields at Sun Harvest

How does it work?

Upon arrival, please check in at our retail counter and you
will be provided with a sanitized pitcher and clippers. Our staff will escort you to the garden , where you can wander the grassed walkways between the rows of flowers and cut a jug-full of blooms. Prices area based on a jull of blooms cut and will be published at the beginning of the season.

Visitors cut flowers independently, although our helpful
staff will show you have to properly harvest flowers and answer any questions.


When are the flower fields open?

The Flower Fields are open daily starting in mid July until September during our regular retail hours. Last visitors to the garden for the day are welcomed 45 minutes before our retail store closes.
The garden will also close during rain or weather events. Please stay tuned to
our social media for updates and sign up for our “Vine” newsletter.

The best time to pick flowers is in the morning or on a cool
day. The typical vase life is 5-7 days. Flowers picked in the heat and sun will
not last as long, however our garden will remain open in the afternoon if you
are looking for a fun outing and don’t mind that your blooms will not last as


How many flowers can I pick?

Upon arrival, we will provide you with a sanitized pitcher
to fill with blooms (seen in the photo below). All the flowers in the garden
are included in the price of your bucket, with two exceptions: Sunflowers and Dahlias which willl be charged in addition to your jug price , on a price per bloom.

In order everyone to enjoy the garden, we are limiting each
visitor to one bucket per day. We will be happy to see you again soon!


What flowers do you grow?

We grow over 70 different varieties and colours of local
flowers! Our selection will change slightly depending on the month and weather.
Starting in August we will always have rows of bright cheerful sunflowers!


What should I bring?

Please bring your own container to transfer your flowers into
to transport them home. It is best to pick flowers when it is cool, but if you visit
on a hot day don’t forget your water, hat and sunscreen!


How do I make my flowers last longer?

Pick flowers in the morning or on cool days – This makes the
biggest difference in vase life! We have helpful harvest tips on our garden
signs, but in general pick blooms just as they begin to open. Remove the leaves
from the stems to increase vase life. At home, change the water daily and trim
the bottoms of the stems.


Can I come as a group?

Yes! – please visit the front counter before
entering ,so that our staff can get you properly oriented.

  Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! We love the joy that the flowers and butterflies
bring to our younger visitors!

Are dogs welcome in the garden?

YES! We love our furry family members to enjoy the garden too. We just ask that they remain on the leash and please 'stoop to scoop' - our weeding crew may not be impressed ;(

 Can I take pictures?

Yes! This is a fantastic opportunity to capture some family
memories or a fun outing. Please tag @sunharvest_greenhouses on social with your
beautiful photos and creations! If you are a professional photographer, we ask
that you check with our management first in order to book a time for photos. Please email allison@sunharvest.ca to arrange.

 Can I bring my own container?

Please bring your own container to transfer your blooms into
after your visit, to transport them home. You cannot use your own container for
picking into at the garden. We will supply sanitized uniform pitchers for all
our visitors without exceptions.


Can I visit the garden without picking flowers?

Just want to take a stroll and see the gorgeous variety of
local flowers? Certainly! There is not charge for guests who are not picking / cutting flowers in the garden.

Can I pick flowers for my wedding?

We do not offer bulk wedding flowers or wedding arrangements
and would be happy to refer you to some incredible local farms and designers. If
your wedding party wishes to visit the garden together, you are very welcome to
cut flowers within the guidelines outline above (including a limited of one
pitcher and visit a day). It coud be a great way to start a 'bachelorette party":))

Are there washrooms on site?

YES. We have a washroom located in our garden centre, just ask one of our friendly staff to point the way.