The FLOWER FIELDS at SUN HARVEST are now OPEN! Please visit our "Flower Fields" page as you plan your visit! Can't wait to see you!

Welcome to the Flower Fields ~ a U-Cut Experience

When you visit our Flower Fields, you will be able to cut your own flowers, make beautiful memories and bring home a colourful bouquet! We grow dozens of varieties that showcase local flowers. While strolling through the colourful rows, get inspired to create a unique floral arrangement, learn from our informative signs and meet our helpful flower farmers.

How does it work?

Upon arrival, please check in at our retail counter and you will be provided with a sanitized pitcher ( as shown ) and clippers.

Cost: $15/pitcher. This includes all the flower varieties in the garden with two exceptions – Sunflowers: extra $1/stem, Dahlias: extra $2/stem. We are limiting customers to one pitcher daily.

Visitors cut flowers independently, although our helpful staff will show you have to properly harvest flowers and answer any questions.

When are the Flower Fields open?

The Flower Fields are NOW open daily during our regular business hour.

Mon - Sat 9am - 4:30 pm

Sundays 9 am - 3:30 pm

The garden will close 30 minutes before our retail store closing. The garden will also close during rain or weather events.

Please keep in mind the best time to cut flowers is the morning or on a cool day for the longest vase life (typically 5-7 days).

Please stay tuned to our social media stories for updates on cutting conditions or give us a call at 613-546-6541.

Frequently asked questions

What should I bring?
Please bring your own container to transfer your flowers into to transport them home. However, you cannot use your own container for picking into at the garden. If you visit on a hot day don’t forget your water, hat and sunscreen!

How do I make my flowers last longer?
Pick flowers in the morning or on cool days, pick blooms just as they begin to open, remove the leaves from the stems, change the water and trim the bottoms of the stems daily.

Can I bring my kids?
Absolutely! We love the joy that the flowers and butterflies bring to our younger visitors.

Is the garden pet-friendly?

You bet! We welcome you to bring your furry family members, we just ask that they remain on a leash while exploring the garden.

Can I take pictures?
Yes! This is a fantastic opportunity to capture some memories with family and friends. Please tag @sunharvestgreenhouses on social with your beautiful photos and creations! If you are a professional photographer, we ask that you check with our management first.

Can I visit the garden without picking flowers?
Just want to take a stroll and see the gorgeous variety of local flowers? Certainly! However, we are limited the number of visitors at any given time and ask that you check in at the front counter upon arrival.

Do you sell already made bouquets?

Yes! Through the cutting garden season, we make hand-tied bouquets for you to purchase in our retail store.

Can I pick flowers for my wedding?
We do not offer bulk wedding flowers or wedding arrangements. If your wedding party wishes to visit the garden together, you are very welcome to cut flowers within the guidelines outline above (including a limited of one pitcher and visit a day).