June is Perennial Month! Fresh perennial restocks weekly! Summer hours now if effect.

Love Your Lettuce!

Sun Harvest is excited to announce we have recently expanded our growing system to produce more lettuce for our customers, year round!  Our signature lettuces are incredibly fresh and tender, and long lasting when properly stored. We offer leaf lettuce, butter head, romaine, and more. Be sure to see what new varieties we are trialling! Shop in-store, or order online for curb-side pickup. 

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We package all of our lettuce in recyclable sleeves which store a “shot” of water at the base to hydrate these living lettuces. Be sure to replenish the water if storing in the fridge, or simply drop the lettuce in a bowl of water and let it sit on the counter! Also note the peat-based growing medium is 100% compostable.

Our new growing system uses some of the latest technologies in hydroponic growing and controlled environment agriculture. We capture  rainwater from the greenhouse roof, and recycle nutrients to minimize fresh water usage. LED supplemental lighting allows us to continue growing the winter months, and biological pest control means no pesticides! We have integrated all of these technologies into our growing system to provide a safe, sustainable and consistent lettuce supply for the Kingston community!