June is Perennial Month! Fresh perennial restocks weekly! Summer hours now if effect.

Sun Harvest Urn Club

Do you love the look of full and lush seasonal plant containers? Do you struggle to find successful plant combinations for these pots? Does your busy life make it difficult to keep these pots filled for four seasons of colour?

Then let the team at Sun Harvest Greenhouses, Glenburnie, make it easy for you with our Urn Club!

Our urn insert is a 12-inch diameter pot by 9 ½ inch height and fits most standard urns available today. These inserts are designed and grown for each season: spring, summer, fall and winter. At the beginning of each season, you will be notified by a friendly phone call or email of the pickup date of your seasonal urn insert here at Sun Harvest Greenhouses.

Four seasons of great colour, fresh and timely plant selections, all grown by your local independent garden centre, for $189.99 (HST is additional)

We endeavour to have a great selection of inserts to choose from for each season, with our grower’s selections, however, we are unable to accommodate individual preferences. We offer a separate custom growing program for these customers. One insert per season is guaranteed, to ensure that you have timely, fresh creations of exceptional quality plants that Sun Harvest Greenhouses has come to be known for. You will receive your first urn insert starting with the season closest to the date of purchase and for the following 3 seasons, until the anniversary date is reached, at which time you may wish to renew.

Payment is due at time of purchase.

How exciting to know that the planning and planting is done for you when it comes to changing your pots to reflect the seasons!  Sorry, no doubling of seasons or substitutions allowed.

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Our spring insert is filled with sunny pansies, alyssum, and budding spring branches. Advice on how to protect your early spring arrangement from those late frosts will be offered, should the temperatures dip at that time of year.


Our summer urn insert will be designed for shade or sun in creative combos of red, pink/fuchsia or peach. Our design team will ensure that the plants are of the highest quality which you have come to expect from Sun Harvest Greenhouses.


Our fall insert will be filled with bronze, yellow, or red fall mums and an ornamental grass and / or kale or pansies to punch up the mix.


Winter offers a gorgeous kind of seasonal container. Your urn insert will be filled with Ontario pine, cedar, pinecones, dogwood and other colourful natural accents. A pick up date at our greenhouses will be communicated to you by friendly phone call or email by mid November.