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Home of Kingston’s Favourite Tomatoes

Available from end of March to November, our tomatoes have been our hallmark since we opened in 2002, and a visit to our greenhouse store promises a selection of produce no fresher in the area.   

We grow 5  varieties of tomatoes in our hydroponic greenhouse, from the sweet and tangy grape tomato, ‘Sweetelle’ and a new coloured cherry tomato, saladette tomatoes, tomatoes on the vine to our signature beefsteak. Our English and mini cucumbers are so juicy and crunchy, and our fresh picked lettuces so tender, it is easy to fill half your plate with the goodness of locally grown , farm fresh produce.

What is Hydroponic Growing?

Many people ask if our tomatoes are organic. Growing hydroponically means growing plants in water and not in soil, and as such, our tomatoes are not grown in the traditional organic way. Soil provides inherent fertility or nutrients for plants and without soil, you need to add nutrients to the water in order to sustain excellent plant health and production. All nutrients are added in carefully measured quantities depending on the stage of growth of the tomatoes and are recycled continuously in a closed loop, so that there is no waste of nutrients and water.

We Love BEES! Our Produce is Grown without Pesticides

We introduce bumblebees into the greenhouse to pollinate the tomatoes and are grateful for the hard work that they do. We follow an integrated pest management program, which means we carefully observe and monitor insects that could affect the quality and productivity of our crop and introduce beneficial ‘good’ bugs that can kill / eat the bad bugs.