June is Perennial Month! Fresh perennial restocks weekly! Summer hours now if effect.

Sun Harvest Top Annual Plant Picks

The growing season is so short, so let’s have some FUN with annuals! Fantastic foliage plants, and irresistible colour from ever-blooming annuals.. we grow thousands of annuals! We love to inspire the horticultural designer in all of you when it comes to decorating your outdoor spaces, and our friendly staff are always ready to make the best recommendation for your conditions.

Over the years we have come to rely on our favourite performers in containers and the garden such as Dragon wing begonias, Sunpatiens and Supertunia Vistas but who can resist the chance to trial ‘something new’. We are always seeking  out the latest trends in annual plant choices by visiting variety trials across the province, so that colour does not have to be laborious but instead, rewarding!

Check out our top Annual Plant selections for 2024!

Lantana Passionfruit - New for 2024!

Lantana is the heat tolerant blooming annual powerhouse that many have come to love. Pollinators love them , deer do not and with their bright multicoloured blooms they shine in containers and gardens.

This year we introduce a lantana with a spreading / trailing habit perfect for hanging baskets. We predict Lantana Passionfruit will be one of our most sought after annuals this season.

Photo credit: Ball Seed

Supertunia Hoopla Vivid Orchid PW

See what all the Hoopla is about with this new Proven Winners Supertunia. Same great blooming performance that you have come to expect with all Supertunias, but this picotee patterned variety with bright purple flowers and a white edge looks clean and fresh as it pumps out blooms all summer! A great filler and spiller flower in basket and patio planter combinations, it also does well in front of border garden beds.

Photo credit: Proven Winners

Salvia 'Humminbird Falls' NEW!

The first Salvia X guaranitica developed for hanging baskets or the front of a garden border.

It has a unique mushroom habit , large saturated dark blue blooms with a striking black calyx and the best part - it can replace that red sugary hummingbird feeding solution as this plant provides the best nectar for these delightful pollinators - bring them to your yard!

Photo credit: Plant Haven International

Panicum 'Frosted Explosion'

Are you a lover of cut flowers? Do you want to grow your own cutting garden?

In additoin to the many types of flowers you can plant for cutting: zinnias, snapdragons, sunflowers, strawflower - it is so very important to balance your plantings and fill your bouquets with filler foliage plants such as this airy ornamental grass - 'Panicum Frosted Explosion.

Attaiing 24 to 30 inches in height , they are easy to grow and the effect that their sprightly inflorescences give to a bouquet is magical.

Photo credit: JohnnySeeds

Zinnia hybrid Profusion Red/ Yellow Bicolour

Profusion Zinnias are a must for the sunny garden. They are vigorous, free blooming annuals that attain about 12-14 inches in the garden, are drought tolerant AND bees love them! The bicolour blooms on this plant have garnererd much attention by the industry as it was named an All America Selections variety in 2021 and awarded a Fleuroselect Gold medal for its performance in European trials.

Photo credit: All America Selections

Colocasia 'Redemption'

Big leaf foliage tropical plants continue to be the rage for both gardens and garden centrepieces. This year we are trialling a new Colocasia for shady locations - here is Colocasia Redemption!!

A never before seen combination that will blow your mind! Black leaves with a pink blotch are simply gorgeous!

If drama is what you seek, then watch this plant emerge with rippled, shiny green leaves that change to black with the sun.

As the leaves mature, a neon-pink blotch forms, growing larger and radiating outward like a bright pink starburst in the center of each leaf. Redemption™ is going to blow your mind! Tight clumps mature at 3-4’, offering limitless application in a garden setting, in containers, and near the water’s edge.

Photo credit: Plants Nouveau

Fantastic foliage!

We love Coleus! And we especially love coleus that does well in the sun and heat as well as in the shade. This year we are excited to grow this All America Selections variety that matches the Pantone Colour of the Year with its heavily serrated peachy - coral foliage. Imagine a container with Solenia apricot begonia combined with Premium Sun Coral candy coleus - totally beautiful and on- trend for part sun - shade.

Photo credit: Ball Seed

Ready made combos that work! MixMasters " All that Glimmers" Double impatiens for shade!

Container gardening is definitely is where it's at. We love to mix plants to produce a colourful, easy to maintain combination - but sometimes we do not have time to figure all of that by ourselves. Surely the plant breeders that develop new varieties can help the home gardener with this?

You bet - meet MixMasters! A thoroughly trialled, dynamic colour combination of 3 different plants for great texture, in one pot for full sun or shade that can be planted in your own patio container. No need to worry about which plants to combine, colour will be your inspiration, and we will help you select the combo that works for your sun or shade conditions. One and done - now you just have to enjoy the planting , we have done the thinking for you. We will be introducing this product line for you for the first time this season grown in a 17 cm pot.

Pictured is the Mixmasters ' All that Glimmers ' which features 3 beautiful colours of the customer favourite - double impatiens for shade. Glimmer double impatiens is a new series of double impatiens that is highly resistant to Plasmopara destructor, the cause of impatiens downy mildew. This is great news for those gardeners who love those' rose- like' blooms for shade containers, now there is a variety that will thrive !

Photo credit: BallFloraPlant