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Garden Guardian 10 M - Nematodes- for control of common garden pests

Are bugs eating your vegetables before you get a chance? Worms in your carrots & onions, bug holes in your cauliflower & broccoli? Guardian for Gardens is the protection you need, Beneficial Nematodes specifically for your Garden. Garden Pest larvae are easily controlled by Veggie Guard are Armyworm, Cutworm, Iris Borer, Onion Maggot, Carrot Maggot, Cruciferea Flea Beetles, Thrips and many, many more garden pests!

Guardian for Gardens is a specialty mix of beneficial nematodes that will seek out and destroy the pests that are in your garden. They are not picky to one garden pest and will control many of your unwanted invaders. Guardian for Gardens nematodes are NICs Canadian Strain that is specifically selected for their aggressive behavior and cold tolerance.

Guardain for Gardens application: Guardian for Gardens application is when pest larvae are in the soil. Soil temperature is 100C (500F) and soil is moist. We recommend using a mulch to keep the soil moist around the base of your plants to keep the nematodes where you need them.


    • Shipped on: sponge on 2 sponges (5 million each)

    • Coverage: 10 million Guardian for Gardens treats 500 ft2. (46 m2)

  • Storage: 12 weeks in refrigeration.


 For information on how to apply please check out the article on controlling nematodes in our Get Growing section of our website.