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Praying Mantis - Natural Insect control!

Praying Mantis are general predators that feed on aphids, beetles, caterpillars, chinch bugs, Colorado potato beetles, leafhoppers, hornworms, leafrollers, squash bugs, thrips and whiteflies.

Praying mantis are sent to you as an egg case. Egg cases will not hatch until about mid June when the weather is hot enough and the daylight hours are longer. All will hatch within about 1 hour - they will quickly disperse as they are very cannibalistic and the egg case remains unchanged. Each mantis will set up its own territory where it will live for the summer. They are very difficult to find in the garden because they are well camouflaged. Later in the summer they will fly to find a mate and  this is often when they are seen. Also as the weather cools they will sit out in the sun to warm themselves. ** Refrigerating will delay hatching until the appropriate season**

To witness an egg case hatching, hatch it inside and then release your mantis into your garden. For more information visit our 'Get Growing' here on sunharvest.ca !