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OAC ’90 Friends in Horticulture and More

This past weekend, we enjoyed a visit from some dear friends who we share much in common… Our professions revolve around plants , whether it be growing food or creating beauty in our living spaces.  Brian and Regine are co-owners of a creative Landscape Design / Construction company located in Sunderland Ontario, called Earth Art Landscapes Inc.   This family- run landscape company  designs and builds breathtaking and functional   outdoor living spaces for their clients , while celebrating the beauty of Mother Nature’s gifts.  I invite you to browse their website or like them on facebook to seek inspiration in their work (NOTE:  you may come across  a giant garden troll in your journey..)  Nonetheless, I am extremely proud of  them as their fantastical garden designs have been showcased regularly at Canada Blooms, in partnership with VanderMeer Nurseries.

And as I began in  this blog,   we do share much in common , with our connection to horticulture, but  it all began really back in 1986 when we all met as first year Aggies at the University of Guelph, as part of the class of  OAC 90.. Regine was my roommate and we developed a friendship that proved to last through the years.  We both eventually married our University sweethearts, and stood with each other in turn, as “maids of honour” at our weddings  .  In time we took our passions for this industry and plunged head first into starting our own businesses with our spouses , both very different, yet connected by  the beauty of growing .  Needless to say, our busy seasons are at the same time of the year, and we do not have the opportunity  to catch up often  , so winter visits are best.  I love that when we do get together, we enthusiastically share  ideas , the challenges and successes of working in this dynamic and fascinating industry.

So thanks for visiting us at Sun Harvest, Brian and Regine, we wish you a creative  and successful  2017 season!                                         ……     Greg and Allison