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After the caterpillars, what do we do next for Gyspy Moth control?

We have all been battling the dreadful LDD ( gypsy moth) caterpillar invasion over the past few weeks, and you have likely started to see the moths flying. So what do we do next  to try and reduce the populatoins of this destructive pest and save our precious trees from further damage?

Now is the time to trap the male moths in order to disrupt the mating patterns of LDD moths.  Male moths start flying in early July and continue to do so until September. Female moths do not fly and stay close to the trunks of vulnerable trees. Survival of the Gypsy mother from one year to the next depends on the ability of the adult moths to mate and lay fertile eggs. This occurs during July / August each year and the adult moths dies soon after it is completed, leaving behind egg masses that will hatch out into caterpillars the following spring. For  pest management on properties of a 1/2 acre, it is suggested that 5 traps ( one in each corner of the property and one centrally located) should be used, each equipped with a sex attractant / pheromone lure.  This lure has the scent of the female ( non-flying ) moth. Male moths can detect the female pheromone from a considerable distance, and since the pheromone is carried by air currents, it also means that male moths may fly into- the area from any direction.   If your property is smaller, consider hanging 1 trap for every 2000-3000 sq ft.

During July /August, the traps whoud be inspected from time to time and if full, the lure inserts should be replaced with new ones, or you may decide to hang another trap.  It is possible that nothing is caught in the traps if there are no male moths present. 

We had been promised to receive gypsy moth traps in early July, but have just been informed that due to a manufacturing issue, whereby the traps have been falling to the ground in severe rainy, windy weather conditions, the manufacturer has halted production. Customers who have previously purchased the LDD ( gypsy moth) trap and are experiencing this defect can do one of two things:

1. return the trap for a full refund to Sun Harvest Greenhouses. If the lure is retained by customer, then the lure price will be deducted from the refund.

2. readjust the trap hanger by weaving the twist tie through the 3 top holes of the trap to ensure better stability and hang below a tree canopy for more protection. 

So know what do we do to control the gyspy moth flying males?

The following is a  link for how to make a homemade gypsy moth trap easily out of a juice bottle. Check it out here:

Good luck and to purchase  the pheromone lures ,shop our online store or visit us at the greenhouse.