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Bright and Breezy for 2022!

It may sound like a bit of a 'stretch' considering that 2022 has started much like 2021 did, in lockdown.  But when a year is being celebrated for fresh air, growing veggies out our back door and  plucking armfuls of blooms from a pleasing patch of zinnias and cosmos, it surely is going to get better.

Here in Canada, in 2022 , we celebrate the Year of the Garden. 

And according to the Flower Council of Holland, there are some definite positive Horticulture Sector trends underfoot. One such trend that has captivated my attention is  called 'Bright and Breezy' - just the name conjures a lightness that we so desperately need now more than ever.

According to this trend report, the 'Bright and Breezy' style trend  is described as such  - "In a hardened society filled with fake news and polarisation, groups do not feel that they are being heard. There is a need for connection, equality, a shared reality, altruistic behaviour and inclusivity. After the stressful pandemic period we are looking to leaders who bring us together and take away our worries, so that we can start enjoying life again without fretting"  (Flower Council of Holland 2022 Style Trends)  Does that resonate with you?  It certainly does me, and I look forward to projecting that kind of feeling as we fine tune our programming ideas for our 2022 season here at the greenhouse.  

We want to be your' happy place' and we do not take that for granted. We have worked hard last fall to ensure that we have a great new production space in which to grow more plants that give us so much pleasure in our containers and gardens. We are making changes in our retail space to improve the shopping experience for our customers and guests and we are planning events that can bring us together again. (It's interesting what happens when the next generation comes home to the farm LOL).  We are excited for what we can bring to our community in 2022, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

To read the full article on the Horticulture Sector Trends, please copy and paste this  link into your browser.